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America is facing a spectrum crunch. That means cell phone bills will go up, service will get spotty -- and there's no quick or cheap fix.


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PCIA Hails Enactment of N.J. Collocation Legislation

Bill streamlines review process, improving access to mobile broadband services and applications


Alexandria, VA/ January 17, 2012 — Today, the State of New Jersey enacted a law streamlining the state’s review process for collocation of wireless facilities to existing, permitted infrastructure. 

The law waives site plan review and its notice and public hearing requirements for collocations that will not increase the wireless communication support structure’s height by more than 10% or expand the square footage of any existing equipment compound beyond 2,500 square feet.

PCIA worked with the New Jersey Wireless Association and other interested groups, conducting advocacy outreach at the state level.  The groups testified in support of the bill and industry proposed amendments, coordinated support for the legislation, and educated policy-makers about the importance of collocation to the state and national economy and to the deployment next-generation wireless services. 

“PCIA applauds the New Jersey legislature for recognizing the importance of leveraging existing wireless infrastructure to expand and enhance wireless broadband services to consumers, businesses and public safety agencies,” stated Michael Fitch, president and CEO of PCIA.  “We are extremely pleased with the passage of this important legislation that will streamline network deployment and improve access to mobile broadband services for all of New Jersey’s citizens.”


For more information on PCIA's advocacy efforts, contact PCIA's Director of Government Affairs Jonathan Campbell.  For information on PCIA's State Wireless Association Program (SWAP), contact SWAP Director Nancy Chrisman. 

FCC Seeks Unbounded Spectrum Auction Authority -, January 17, 2012

Tower co owner finds guidelines to be troubling -, December 14, 2011

Tower co owner finds guidelines to be troubling
After becoming aware of the FCC's new procedures, a major tower owner registered his concern about the interim guidelines impeding future development projects.

"Thank you Obama Administration for bringing another slice of Hell to my business!" said John Paleski, CEO of Subcarrier Communications, an Old Bridge NJ-based tower company established in 1986.

John Paleski - Subcarrier Communications, Old Bridge, New Jersey"This new Obama Administration regulation was obviously not written by persons having real world telecommunications experience," Paleski said.

"Rather, it was crafted by some governmental policy ivory tower 'intellectual' catering to an environmental lobby group. Should this regulation become law, guyed towers and monopole towers requiring FCC approval will suddenly and irrationally become 'non compliant' and therefore will not be able to serve the wireless community that they were designed for. Additionally, most governmental related wireless applications will need to be relocated."

"This new regulation is akin to blowing black pepper into the eyes of yet another thriving US-based industry," cautioned Paleski.

Commissioner Michael J. Copps submitted a statement with the new procedures saying, in part, "Today, at long last, the Commission has responded to the DC Circuit's rebuke to our previous rules that fell short of meeting our responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. While I am disappointed it has taken nearly four years to respond to the court, I am encouraged these interim rules will give more parties greater opportunity to register their concerns about migratory birds when a tower goes up, including ranking tower lighting styles based on their effects on migratory birds."

"To be sure, we are mindful of the need for towers for quality voice and data services. But this isn't an either/or proposition -- we can fulfill both these critical purposes with some careful work."

"We have waited far too long for these interim requirements. Let's hope that we do not have to wait nearly as long to get permanent rules in place," Copps said.

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Wireless Infrastructure Show explores all aspects of the industry - Wireless infrastructure show, September 8, 2011. Nearly 2,000 representatives from across the wireless ecosystem will gather in Dallas for the Wireless Infrastructure Show, Oct. 3-6. Industry experts will participate on panel discussions addressing the network in 2020, the impact of another 500 MHz of wireless spectrum, DAS and microcells, among other key topics. The program will also feature the Wireless Investors Conference, an all-star panel of infrastructure industry CFOs, analysts and investors discussing the current state of the capital markets and opportunities for future growth.

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American Tower Corporation Enters into Merger Agreement in Connection with Its Proposed

LightSquared controversy remains hot topic along Beltway - RCR Wireless, August 19, 2011

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