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Subcarrier Communications Rebuilds Tower to Provide Service to Dinwiddie County

We are proud to have completed our Darvills, Virginia tower rebuild, located in Dinwiddie County back in June of 2021 and we can now talk about it. When the County of Dinwiddie reached out to us for help to break down an old tower site and rebuild a new one, we couldn’t say no as this location was integral to county needs and providing the community with updated communications systems and internet for the area. Locals in the area had to use a church for internet access that could bog things down at times.

Due to the County’s specific needs, the old tower needed to be broken down first. It took quite a bit of coordination for this portion of the job as there were power lines in the area that needed to be brought down first for safety reasons to fell the old tower. We worked with the County and surrounding neighbors to provide power via generator while the power lines were laid down for 6 hours during the felling process. Once the tower was down, the power lines were brought back up and power was transferred from generator back to the power lines.

Since 1986 we’ve been building, managing and over seeing towers, tower sites, as well as rooftops. This tower build would be a guyed tower, a thin, vertical tower supported by guyed. The tower base was set and the tower crew did its work to erect this 325 foot guyed tower.

The County of Dinwiddie and the citizens of Darvills were extremely supportive which always makes a project all the more enjoyable. This guyed tower was constructed to last for years to come, we always over design our towers to make sure the tower works for today and well into the future.

In addition to the new tower site, we also made major improvements to the access road by clearing it, adding a stone surface and leveling it out. Now tower crews and service providers could access this all important tower site with ease.

With the tower finally stacked, the County’s essential communications systems could be installed. Agencies of the Federal Government also added their technology to the tower and finally, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) came in and attached their antennas to this 325 foot tower. The success of this project reaches many, especially the locals who live in the area, as now many have internet access at home for the first time ever. This is why we do what we do, to keep our community connected.

Contact us at or by phone at (732) 607-2828 with information about your tower site location. Subcarrier will conduct a feasibility study for each tower site accepted. The feasibility study will determine the potential client base and revenue stream each tower may support.