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Subcarrier has decades of experience providing wireless solutions to the various governmental agencies and departments. Developing new wireless infrastructure, while maintaining both high security standards, as well as implementation standards, has been an ongoing success story. Subcarrier can assist each agency achieve its interoperable, Project 25-compliant land mobile radio or Public Safety Broadband Network goals while remaining within budget.

Services we provide for Federal Agencies and Public Safety:

RF (radio frequency) analysis, planning, design
Zoning ordinance consulting
Marketing of Telecom facility
Marketing of Telecom facility

New site & building rooftop development

Identification of appropriate government-owned locations for possible new tower or rooftop development. Potential locations include: department of public works yards, waste yards, existing buildings, excess land, water tanks, maintenance facilities, and other government-owned or controlled land. Negotiated agreements with property owners for Development Rights, combined with our Build-to-Suit Program, allow us to construct new tower sites where you need them to increase the coverage and capacity of your network.

Site Leasing Opportunities – Our strong, nationwide portfolio of communications 1,200 sites allows for expanded wireless network coverage throughout the United States.

Revenue Generation Opportunities – From tower acquisition to marketing large portfolios of towers, we have a number of flexible financial solutions to help fund your mission-critical wireless communications projects.

Secure and Reliable Solutions for Your Network – In addition to our resources and portfolio of sites, we offer FAA site compliance monitoring, and backup generators to keep your network on air.

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