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State and local government continually face economic obstacles and increasing federal funding cuts. These entities must tackle financial constraints hindering valuable upgrades to their wireless telecommunications infrastructure. Subcarrier can assist state and local governments achieve operational goals within budget constraints by developing a customized infrastructure plan to suit your entity’s needs. From tower acquisition to tower marketing services, our collaboration options provide financial solutions to assist your organization with mission-critical wireless communication operations. Subcarrier is experienced in assisting state and local governments with their wireless networks objectives. Because no community is the same, we assess your current real estate inventory and existing wireless infrastructure then utilize the information to provide development recommendations.

We also understand that having proper wireless coverage has become an essential service for a community’s residents. Wireless infrastructure enhances the health, safety and timely interaction of the residents and provides needed emergency services. Budget deficits and reductions affect wireless infrastructure services such as maintenance, augmentations and upgrades which in turn affect the communities that benefit from emergency personnel services.

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