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Subcarrier provides wireless infrastructure solutions that meet the needs of municipalities, communities, PCS carriers and the broadcast industry. Subcarrier’s 30 year track record of tower construction and facilities management for municipal governments, and other property owners, maximizes value while adding beneficial PCS coverage to local residents. Our experienced team works directly with municipalities to provide a comprehensive plan. We will analyze what works best from an aesthetic and financial point of view. We will assess your current raw land and rooftop inventory then utilize the data to determine an appropriate development strategy. With over 1,200 telecom properties under management, the wireless industry relies heavily on our sites and our advice. In sum, each community receives continuous financial benefits without the time-consuming hassle of seeking and evaluating new revenue opportunities.
municipality services

A list of our municipality services:

  • Assess current real estate inventory.
  • Determine development feasibility and potential interest by wireless carriers.
  • Maximize existing infrastructure income by assessing municipal buildings, towers, water tanks, and other assets, and then marketing them to wireless carriers.
  • Dedicated regional manager and a business development manager assigned to focus on goals.
  • Issuing applications, licensing, legal, and regulatory efforts required to install new wireless carriers on existing municipal buildings, towers, water tanks, and other assets.
  • Construction management to maintain security and ensure that all activities on municipal land to follow all OSHA rules and regulations.
  • Facility maintenance to ensure the structural integrity, cleanliness, and care and upkeep of the facility.
  • Production of lease agreements which provide for long term revenue to the community.
Raw land and building rooftop development:
  • Identification of appropriate municipal-owned locations for possible new tower or rooftop development.
  • Potential locations include: department of public works yards, waste yards, existing buildings, excess land, water tanks, maintenance facilities, and other municipal-owned or controlled land.
Monetizing revenue streams:
  • Lump sum buyout of existing or new wireless infrastructure provides a premium, one-time payment to help address current budget challenges or community reinvestment activities.

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